How To Detoxify Your Body

Everyone Has Some Level Of Toxicity.  Our lifestyle will determine what the level of toxins are in our body.  These toxins come from foods, prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs, medications, lifestyle choices and the overall environment.  The level of toxins in your body can go up and down dramatically.

We Need To Learn To Manage These Toxins.

Your Body Is Constantly Trying To Remove Toxins.  The three main systems the body utilizes to manage toxins are Digestive, Circulatory and Urinary.  

How well these systems function is primarily dependent on lifestyle choices. The healthier you live the cleaner your body.  If you live hard due to lifestyle choices you will get and stay toxic longer.

You Can Get Clean.  If you decide that you want to get all the toxins out, there are things you can do.  Each cleaning approach yields different results that can be measured and has it own pro’s and con’s.  Pick the one that best suits you.

Learn The Basics Of Detoxification
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The Only Ways To Detoxify Your Body.

There are just three basic strategies to detoxify your body. Your ability to detoxify your body will be based upon one of the three strategies.  Each strategy has its own unique risks, challenges and time frame.  You must choose your own path carefully.  Our goal is to provide you with the information that will help you understand this information, these paths and those time frames.  We want to help you avoid these strategies strengths while taking advantage of their weakness in your journey to the level of detoxification you choose.

1.  Don’t Let The Toxins In. This strategy to is obvious, yet this is the most difficult in today’s world.  Everyone is constantly exposed to toxins.  This can be made worse if you live near heavy pollution, pesticide spraying, eat poor quality food, drink unfiltered water or live in a moldy house.  Your body also naturally produces a lot of toxic trash that must be cleared out of your body.

Your toxic load is increased if you have digestive problems, sinus problems, are under high stress, are fighting a bug, are recovering from surgery or an accident, do not sleep enough, or physically wear yourself out.  Sometimes it is a full-time job just to keep the toxins out.

2.  Clear Toxins Naturally.  Toxins will naturally clear out of your system over time.  The length of time depends on the level of toxins and how healthy we are overall.  The time it takes is greatly influenced by the steps we take to keep the toxins out and the steps we take to detoxify ones body. 

Our bodies are pretty amazing.  Our healthy livers and kidneys do a great job of cleansing our bodies on a daily basis.  All this detoxification runs behind the scene until the process just can’t keep up.  Lifestyle choices and diet choices can influence our ability to detoxify.  Natural detoxification takes a lot of time and personal commitment.

3.  Actively Detoxify Your Body.  You can increase your fluid intake.  Increasing your daily intake of water and other healthy fluids greatly enhances your body’s systems for removing toxins. This will help you get “clean” most of the time.  It just takes a lot of time that is difficult with our busy lifestyles.

If you want to totally detoxify your body for a new lifestyle choose EverClean. Then keep it clean with Constant Cleanse.  If you need to detoxify your body in a hurry choose Instant Clean.  You can get the healthy and totally clean hair with Ultra Clean or clean that toxic saliva with Ultra Wash.  We can get you clean quickly and safely. 


What Are These Toxins And How Do We Get Them?

A toxin is a poison produced through a biological process. The nicotine found inside of tobacco is a toxin.  So is the metabolic waste produced by your cells inside your body that are expelled from your blood through your urine.  The major source of toxins come from everyday foods we eat, prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs, medications, lifestyle choices and our environment.  These natural and man-made toxins can accumulate when you eat, when you drink and even when you breathe.

Air pollutants like ozone and nitrogen dioxide have been linked to a health problems in humans ranging from respiratory problems to cancer according to the Environmental Protection Agency.  Pollutants common in water include the known carcinogen arsenic and mercury, which is linked to nervous system disorders, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).  Many even put the fluorine in your water in the column of toxins.  Our news media shows us that organic fruits and vegetables aren’t safe from toxins such as E. coli and salmonella.  Toxins are everywhere.  You must choose carefully the strategy and technique to detoxify your body in order to get the toxins out and keep them out.


Choose How To Detoxify Your Body.

You Make The Choice Of How To Detoxify Your Body.  You and you alone must choose how to detoxify your body.  You must choose, when to detoxify your body, what part of your body you choose to detoxify and how best to keep your body clean of toxins.  We have provided the best products to detoxify your body. We do not provide a long list of confusing and contradictory products.  We only provide the best.  The ones that work.

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