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Copyright Formats and Contents

Typical Copyright of the Author and the Owner might be stored electronically, viewed electronically or hard copy printed in any format.  Typically such formats might include, but are not limited to:

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Copyright Distribution

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  5. Any redistribution or reproduction dispute resolution of any Copyright will be at the sole decision of both the Author and the Owner.

What Is Not Allowed

Any Entity may not, except with both the Authors and Owners separate and express written permission distribute or commercially exploit any Copyright content.  Nor may you transmit the Copyright content or store this Copyright content in any website, commercial e-commerce site, brick and mortar site or any form of an electronic retrieval system.

Intellectual Property – Specifically the term, visualization and/or any graphic containing the word “RU Clean” in any format what-so-ever is to be considered intellectual property of Dennis Wheeler and equally with ATC Depot, LLC inclusive.

Some examples of what is not allowed might be, but is not restricted to:

  • Online Storefronts
  • Product Catalogs
  • Online Shopping Carts
  • Online Payment Systems
  • Online Systems Integrated With A Payment Gateway
  • Order Fulfillment and/or Shipping Management Systems
  • Merchant Interfaces and/or Merchant Dashboards
  • eCommerce Marketing Tools
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  • Customer Behavior Analytics and Reporting
  • Any Other Integrations (E.G. CRM, ERP, email marketing, payment gateway, etc)


If any Entity does choose to commercially exploit any Copyrighted information of the Author or Owner without the written permission of both the Author and Owner, that Entity does agree to remunerate any gross profit (Sales minus COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) = Gross Profit) said Infringement created to be equal to that gross profit to both the Author as well as the Owner.  (I.E. The total gross profit gain from the Entity will be due to both the Author and the Owner.  This will equal two times the actual gross profit gained by the Entity on each Infringement.) 

Any and all costs of any Infringement, to include identification, prosecution or collection fees of that individual Infringement shall be borne by the Entity that does infringe the Copyright at the time such costs are identified.  These costs are to be remunerated to both the Author and/or the Owner immediately and without any delay.

The costs and penalties of Infringement are not limited to the above and are in addition to any other costs or penalties so decided between any Entity, the Author and The Owner or by any jurisdiction or party of arbitration.

Choice Of Law/Forum

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Subject to the provisions of the next paragraph concerning arbitration, the Entity consents to the exercise of personal and subject matter jurisdiction by the courts of the State of Florida and the County Of  Seminole, with respect to any disputes, suits, legal actions or proceedings which are brought, and you agree that you will not commence any permitted action in any court other than the above noted courts. You irrevocably waive any objection which you may now or hereafter have to the laying of venue of any permitted action commenced in any of the above noted courts has been brought in an inconvenient forum.

Mandatory Arbitration

Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement, or its breach, shall be settled by arbitration State of Florida in the County Of  Seminole in accordance with the governing rules of State of Florida and the County Of  Seminole.  Judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrator or arbitrators may be entered in any court of competent jurisdiction.


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