Learn About Out 100% Product Guarantee.

Our Guarantee is Simple.  If you don’t like our product or its performance for any reason you can return it to us for a full product refund.

100% Product Guarantee From ATC Depot.

  • With Guarantee there is no risk.
  • If you want to return the unused products you can.
  • If the products fail to perform you can get a 100% refund.

If You Are Not Satisfied, We Will Refund Your Money.

We go to great lengths to provide you with the best quality products and to help you achieve your cleansing goals.

In spite of our efforts, we do not satisfy everyone every time.  It is certainly our hope that we can leave you with a positive impression even if we can’t keep you as a customer.  And of course, we hope that you continue to take steps to achieve all of your health and wellness goals.

What Is Our 100% Guarantee Policy

Follow The Product Instructions Exactly.  Detoxification is a complex process.   Not everyone will see the same level of detoxification by using our products.  This is not because of the effectiveness of our products, but because of the uncontrollable human factors.  We cannot be responsible for your personal success.  Please follow the product instructions exactly for the best results.  

We Do Allow A 100% Product Refund On All Of Our Products.

  • You Must Return Your Unused Or Used Product(s) And Packaging.  Return all the empty used packaging and /or the unused products from your order.  You must also return the packing slip that was included with your order.
  • We Must Receive Your Request For A Guarantee Refund Within 30 Days. We must RECEIVE your request for refund within 30 days of the date you received your product. Returns requested after (30) days must be pre-approved by requesting such on our ATC Depot Returns And Credits Page.
  • Shipping Costs Will Not Be Refunded. Shipping was provided to you per your request. We have already paid for this product and service and you have received this product and service.
  • Please Do Not Call The ATC Phone Number For Questions Or Our Guarantee. They are not set up to help you with questions on our guarantee. Please use the e-mail form on our ATC Depot Returns And Credits Page and make sure you include a valid e-mail.
  • We Do All Refunds Every Other Wednesday. We will credit to your original credit card within two Wednesdays after we receive the return of your product.
  • When Will You Get Your Refund? The time you might actually see the credit on your statement is under the control of your bank. We do not have any control what-so-ever over this time frame.

Go Ahead And Ship Your Return To This Address.

ATC Depot
Attention: Guarantee
150 Wildmere Drive
Suite 1086
Longwood, Florida 32750